Who we are

We are a Mexican company with more than 15 years in planning social events.
We offer Accomodations, food and beverages for national and international events in Cancun and The Riviera Maya.
We provide Vacation packages for families, corporate groups, academics and couples wishing to celebrate their wedding ceremony in the Mexican Caribbean. The types of holidays we offer are so vacationers can plan their trip and organize their event without worry about details as we will take care of all of the details for them! Each packages is good for an entire year before expiration, so all guests are guaranteed a future holiday or event which will be unforgettable. We are your personal concierge and on call for all of your needs during your event or vacation only.


The objective of Mendieta’s Catering & Events is focused on providing an
unforgettable experience along with the service of typical Mexican and international cuisine for the events, for tourists wishing to travel to the best destinations in Mexico; Cancun and La Riviera Maya vacation.
We aim to please our customers; to plan and coordinate their vacation with their special event.
To warranty and provide safety in the coordination of travel and events, and put an emphasis on high quality standards in the preparation of foods and beverages for the event. We will pay the highest attention to every detail to ensure success on the special day.


Our mission is to provide accommodations for the future event, and to the schedule it within 1 year of your social event.
Our guests can choose their menu items from our Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. We offer this for each of the events we coordinate. Our staff will delight you in providing the best service and professional care that characterizes our company as our services are highly competitive. Our dedication to quality service enables us to provide all answers to ensure compliance and punctuality, as well as safety and hygiene in handling food.


Below is a profile of each staff member. Each one has had extensive experience in Catering and Event planning.


Victor Mendieta

Public Relations


Ulises Mendieta

Customer Service


Erick Vazquez

Executive Chef